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Family Living Off the Grid with Renewable Energy takes Know How and Applies it to Electric Cars... Discovers the ‘SECRET’ to increasing the range of their Electric car up to an amazing 100 miles from a single charge with revolutionary discovery while building their own Electric Vehicle...How did they do it?

Step by Step How To Convert a Car To Electric.
How to Cut Fuel Costs to Nearly Zero
How To Clean Up The Environment
How To Get Massive IRS Refunds
Learn to design and install your own car audio and security systems. Author “Dave” teaches how to install car audio and security system in his easy to understand ebook
Learn the Proven, Legal Method to Beat Your Speeding Ticket and Avoid Fines and Surcharges.

5 Easy Steps To Win That Cops, Prosecutors, And Judges Don’t Want You To Know... But Can’t Stop!
Author “Suzanne“ shares her secrets to buy luxury and non-luxury cars for up to 90% off the listed prices.
Author “Steve” shares in this book the techniques he uses to earn a fortune from buying and selling used cars.
Author “Don Massey” tells how to take advantage of the week US economy by tapping the potential in car import and export business.
The Simple Hybrid System Water Car Guide Will Show You How To Convert Your Car To Run On Water And Dramatically Slash 50% Off Your Fuel Bill For Your Current Car And Laugh At The High Gas Prices!
The battery reconditioning ebook is a smart set of techniques, some of which I knew for years and have applied to seemingly dead NiCad batteries. This looks like a good and simple way to run a very good small business in a field that has lots of opportunity.